El beso que no di

“Estadísticas” in El beso que no di, Libro colectivo artesanal. Arroyo Leyes, Santa Fe, Argentina: Ediciones Arroyo, 2021.

19 Girasoles

“Trocha angosta”, “Primavera porteña”, “Aleteo”, in Kandel, A. (comp.). 19 Girasoles: pp. 70 -72. La Plata: Vuelta a casa, 2021

Historias a uno y otro lado: Microrrelatos y artes visuales

“Xanadu”, in Historias a uno y otro lado – Microrrelatos y artes visuales. Sandra Bianchi and Ana Calvo Revilla (eds.). Mexico: La Tinta Del Silencio. E-book. May 2021, p.37. Click here  to download this e-book of flash fiction by several authors in dialogue with the paintings donated by film-maker María Luisa Bemberg to the National […]

‘Transiciones’: Poetry collection in Spanish and English

Here you will find a poetic log book: postcards -from places near and far, explorations -both geographical and introspective, a brief cartography of desire. In constant transition between two shores, I dwell in that third place inhabited by those who do not belong to either, those who do not believe in borders, fumble for words […]