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Historias a uno y otro lado: Microrrelatos y artes visuales

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“Xanadu”, in Historias a uno y otro lado – Microrrelatos y artes visuales. Sandra Bianchi and Ana Calvo Revilla (eds.). Mexico: La Tinta Del Silencio. E-book. May 2021, p.37.

Click here  to download this e-book of flash fiction by several authors in dialogue with the paintings donated by film-maker María Luisa Bemberg to the National Museum of Fine Arts in Buenos Aires.


Other Publications

El beso que no di

“Estadísticas” in El beso que no di, Libro colectivo artesanal. Arroyo Leyes, Santa Fe, Argentina: Ediciones Arroyo, 2021.

19 Girasoles

“Trocha angosta”, “Primavera porteña”, “Aleteo”, in Kandel, A. (comp.). 19 Girasoles: pp. 70 -72. La Plata: Vuelta a casa, 2021

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