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Anthology: Something in the Air: Reflections on the Coronavirus

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“Lockdown” and “Stay Safe, Stay Home” in Something in the Air – Reflections on the Coronavirus. Alan Maley (comp.): pp. 22-24. London: Our Glass Publishing, 2020

Other Publications

El beso que no di

“Estadísticas” in El beso que no di, Libro colectivo artesanal. Arroyo Leyes, Santa Fe, Argentina: Ediciones Arroyo, 2021.

19 Girasoles

“Trocha angosta”, “Primavera porteña”, “Aleteo”, in Kandel, A. (comp.). 19 Girasoles: pp. 70 -72. La Plata: Vuelta a casa, 2021

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