Roots & routes in language education

Bi-multi-plurilingualism, interculturality and identity Selected papers from the 38th FAAPI Conference. Buenos Aires: APIBA.Edited by Laura Renart (Asociación de Profesores de Inglés de Buenos Aires APIBA, FAAPI 2013 Organising Association), Darío Luis Banegas (Asociación de Profesores de Inglés de Zona Andina y Línea Sur APIZALS) (Download pdf)

Hard Times worksheet for teenagers and adults

Extract from the journal of Jane Robson, a Scottish immigrant who settled in Cañuelas and then in the Chascomús area in 1825 Worksheet on the hardships immigrants had to face (for teenagers and adults). (Download pdf)

Two Worlds Meet

The Welsh and the Tehuelche in Patagonia From Ferradas, C. (2009). The Value of Diversity. Buenos Aires: Pearson/Longman. (Download ppt)

Anglo-Argentine Literature

The label ‘Anglo-Argentine literature’ is  used here to define a third place where cultures meet and where the word ‘Anglo’ refers to the English language, used as the medium of expression to write factual or fictional accounts on Argentina, irrespective of the national origin of the writer. Therefore, travel writing in English (whether fact, fiction […]