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‘Transiciones’: Poetry collection in Spanish and English

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Here you will find a poetic log book: postcards -from places near and far, explorations -both geographical and introspective, a brief cartography of desire. In constant transition between two shores, I dwell in that third place inhabited by those who do not belong to either, those who do not believe in borders, fumble for words in more than one language and endeavour to define themselves in otherness. Hoping that my travels will continue in the explorations of others, I leave you a map. Enjoy the journey.

Claudia Ferradas

Other Publications

El beso que no di

“Estadísticas” in El beso que no di, Libro colectivo artesanal. Arroyo Leyes, Santa Fe, Argentina: Ediciones Arroyo, 2021.

19 Girasoles

“Trocha angosta”, “Primavera porteña”, “Aleteo”, in Kandel, A. (comp.). 19 Girasoles: pp. 70 -72. La Plata: Vuelta a casa, 2021

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