The Anglo-Argentine Web

Reloj de la  homeThis site presents a reading list of works defined as ‘Anglo-Argentine’. Its aim is to provide teachers, students, translators and researchers in Argentina and abroad with access to a body of work that can prove useful for the development of intercultural awareness. The study of literary texts in which other cultures come into contact with their own can help readers develop this awareness by focusing on their own identity and reflecting on how meanings can be communicated across cultures. This can be particularly useful in the training of translators and English language teachers as cultural explorers and mediators.

The label ‘Anglo-Argentine literature’ is  used here to define a third place where cultures meet and where the word ‘Anglo’ refers to the English language, used as the medium of expression to write factual or fictional accounts on Argentina, irrespective of the national origin of the writer.

Therefore, travel writing in English (whether fact, fiction of faction) falls within this category, as do any literary texts written in English about Argentina. On the other hand, writers like Rodolfo Walsh, Benito Lynch or Carlos Feiling, all ‘Anglo-Argentine’ by birth, are not included within this body of work because they write in Spanish, though any intertextual study would certainly profit from their inclusion.

Browse through the site to find links to texts and information on authors, critical views, intercultural materials for the classroom. Contact me if you would like to join discussion forums or contribute to the site.

Claudia Ferradas

Estudio Varini